If you are experiencing the WordPress 'White Screen of Death' in your WordPress admin area (or elsewhere) then Jetpack by Wordpress.com could be the culprit. To find this out access your site via FTP and rename the Jetpack folder. If your Dashboard springs back to life then you've identified the Jetpack Plugin as the culprit, but of course you still want to use jetpack as it delivers you loads of great WordPress functions. Try the following to see if it fixes the issue.

1. Via FTP access your plugins folder /wp-content/plugins and rename the 'jetpack' folder to 'jetpack-1'

2. Via FTP open the Wordpress wp-config.php file

3. Add the following before "/* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */"

4. Put your Jetpack folder back to its original name of 'jetpack' and refresh your WordPress Admin

This has now increased the WordPress memory limit to sufficiently support Jetpack. This PHP script will also work for other plugins causing the White Screen of Death as well as WordPress itself. If your site keeps getting the WordPress white screen of death after this update then we advise that you initially increase the limit (try 128MB) and failing that contact your host.

If all this fails then get a better host for WordPress sites such as WP Engine or TSO Host.