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Create beautiful emails with the effortless Designmodo Postcards drag and drop email builder. With the Designmodo Postcards email template builder, you can rapidly create responsive email newsletters, abandoned cart emails and transactional emails to build a captive audience and generate more revenue.

Right now, you can save 20% on this fabulously simple email builder with our unique Postcards Coupon Code. Get the code and take your email marketing to the next level today.

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Designmodo Postcards Coupon Code

Postcards Coupon Code

About the Designmodo Postcards Coupon Code
About the Postcards Coupon Code

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Get your 20% Off with Designmodo Postcards Coupon Code

Get your 20% Postcards Coupon Code

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More Information about Designmodo Postcards

More Information about Postcards

Designmodo, Postcards Video
Credit Designmodo
Postcards Video
Designmodo, Postcards Video
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Designmodo Postcards is an email builder uniquely positioned with ease of use at the forefront, which is why it's our Slick Pick for 'Simple Email Builder' at a very affordable price point for individuals and collaborative teams looking to up their email marketing. There are 100+ customisable email template modules, and Dssignmodo is constantly working to deliver additional modules to streamline your email content creation. With email content drag-drop ease and rapid email template editing, it's effortless to have a fully-fledged responsive email template up and running in a fraction of the time it would take to create one in other email builders. And against the hassle of creating an email template in a traditional HTML builder like Dreamweaver, Postcards is a no-brainer. 

Email templates export with one 1-click to the most popular Email Service Providers (ESPs), including MailChimp, HubSpot, Campaign Monitor, Sendwithus, MoonMail, ConvertKit and many more. For those looking to create emails in Outlook for Office 365, Gmail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird and numerous other email clients on Desktop & Mobile, Postcards also ticks that box, making it a very robust email creation software option. 

Designmodo Postcards email builder features currently include: - 

  • Drag & drop email builder
  • Team email design collaboration
  • 100+ customisable email template modules
  • Direct email preview
  • Clean email template code
  • Google fonts in emails
  • Unlimited email exports
  • Retina ready emails
  • External image support in emails
  • Cloud image hosting for emails
  • Email design modules tested with Litmus and Email On Acid
  • Email export to ESPs or HTML/ZIP

Suppose you are looking for a simple email builder to render as close as possible to the original template for any device, email client, or service provider. In that case, Designmodo Postcards is an excellent email builder choice. Get Designmodo Postcards for a 20% Discount today with the Slick Media Postcards Coupon Code.

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