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Conditional Visibility and Conditional Visibility with CSS & Data Attributes

July 11, 2024
Conditional Visibility in web development and how to use CSS and Data Attributes to conditionally show or hide content on a website, depending on specific criteria.

301 Redirect one domain to another in Cloudflare

June 11, 2024
How to set up a 301 Redirect from one domain to another on Cloudflare, enable Basic Features for speed and security and a possible solution if a 301 Redirect is not working in Cloudflare.

The difference between EM and REM and how to set and responsively adjust the base font size

April 11, 2024
In modern website design, knowing how to effectively use CSS units like rem and em for font sizing and layout is essential. The differences in use can significantly impact your website's accessibility, responsiveness, and overall user experience. Central to this is understanding the differences between rem and em units and how to set and adjust the initial base font size for your web projects.

Webflow Dynamic CMS Slider

March 25, 2024
Create a dynamic Webflow CMS Slider for your Webflow CMS Collections with the native Webflow Slider and Vanilla JavaScript custom code. Data Attributes enable easy implementation, and Multiple Dynamic CMS Sliders and mixed-content sliders are also supported.

Google Workspace Promotion Codes

January 31, 2024
Get instant Google Workspace Promotion Codes from Slick Media to get the tools you need to connect, create and collaborate faster and for less.

Time Cost Calculator for Billable Time

January 29, 2024
How to Calculate Billable time with this Free online Billable Time Calculator / Time Cost Calculator

What is DMARC, and why it's crucial for Email Delivery and Security

October 31, 2023
Email is a crucial part of our daily routine for personal and business purposes. However, its popularity has led to a surge in spam, fraud, and deliverability issues. DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) is needed to tackle these problems.

Set the og:url in Webflow using the Canonical URL

September 11, 2023
Why the og:url is a significant omission in the Webflow Open Graph settings, and how to set the og:url using the canonical URL setting in Webflow.

Stop Programs Launching on Startup in Windows 11

August 14, 2023
Stop programs automatically launching when booting up Windows 11 to save on system resources or stop annoying program launches.

Webflow Dynamic CMS Select

July 31, 2023
A dynamic Select in Webflow populated by CMS items to make a selectable option menu for Webflow forms. This simple tried and tested Webflow hack uses no external scripts.

Webflow Nested Collections Limitations Solved with jQuery

July 21, 2023
Circumvent current Webflow Nested Collections limitations using a custom light jQuery script to load multiple Collection content from the Collection Template Pages directly into respective Collection List items in a Collection List.

Embed a Dropbox Video Online using Embed Code

July 4, 2023
Embed a Dropbox video file on a website/online using a Video Embed Code and relevant Dropbox sharing parameters.

How to Write Effective Meta Titles for Web Pages

April 27, 2023
Meta titles are crucial for SEO, impacting website visibility and click-through rates. By following these tips, you can create compelling titles that accurately reflect your content and entice users to click through to your website.

Fix Blurry Lower Quality Image in Webflow

March 23, 2023
Fix blurry or lower-than-anticipated quality images in Webflow by tweaking the hidden responsive image settings.

Windows 11 Search in Taskbar is not working fix

March 7, 2023
Fix the search box not working on Windows 11 Taskbar.

Solve Adobe Acrobat Slow Load at Startup

February 28, 2023
Solve the slow load on the startup of Adobe Acrobat with a single change in settings.

Stop Blurring in Facebook Cover Photo

February 7, 2023
How to stop the Facebook Cover Photo from blurring with a recommended Facebook Cover Photo size

Windows 11 restore missing, hidden, off-screen windows

November 8, 2022
Restore a missing, hidden or off-screen window in Windows 11 with a few simple keystrokes

A good website is an investment, not an expense

November 7, 2022
A client should consider a good website as an investment, not an expense, and what to do if the client objects to pricing.

Cloudflare www to non www 301 redirect

August 11, 2022
Redirect 'https://www' URLs to 'https://' with Cloudflare 301 Redirect and remove the redundant 'www' in the browser address bar.

Fix can't write document presets file error on close in Photoshop

August 2, 2022
Fix the 'can't write document presets file' error on close in Adobe Photoshop

Fix Jpeg Mini Pro 3 The following components are required to run this program

June 28, 2022
Fix the Jpeag Mini Pro missing Microsoft components error.

jQuery prepend To

March 7, 2022
Use jQuery to insert HTML elements to the beginning of a target element

Stop Ad Blockers blocking Ads on Websites as a responsible advertiser

March 4, 2022
Ways to stop ad blockers blocking advertisements on websites with code, content and structure while maintaining a responsible and intelligent advertising approach.

jQuery if child has Class remove parent

January 24, 2022
Remove the parent div if the child has a particular Class using Query

Microsoft Outlook sort folders alphabetically

November 8, 2021
How to sort Microsoft Outlook Folders alphabetically

Get IP with jQuery & ipify API

September 23, 2021
Get the client IP address with jQuery and the simple ipifyAPI provided to identify users on your website