A free online form to calculate billable time based on hh:mm:ss hours, minutes and seconds worked and providing billable time in decimals and then as the total billable.

This form is created in JotForm a stellar online forms creator that enables you to create a multitude of form types to share and embed on your website.

Other Apps that can help you with Time Tracking & Calculations

Clickup- best for Time Tracking (and To-Do Lists, Project Management, Docs & Wikis, Spreadsheets, Email & Chat, Events, Reminders, Goal Tracking, Screenshots & Recording, Resource Management). Save on 30% on Clickup with the Slick Media Clickup Coupon Code promotion.

Typeform - best for human form calculations, forms (with conditional logic), surveys and even E-Commerce.

Calconic - great for building advanced calculators for your website

Rize - best for tracking all activities across your Desktop (Windows & MacOs) so that you always have a Birdseye view of your productivity (Save 25% with the Slick Media Rize Promo Code).