If like us you want to run the wonderful WordPress on your local development server on OS X Server then, in addition to the pre-bundled Apache & PHP, you are also going to need a database - MySQL.Now you could download the latest version of the MySQL Community Server and run various commands in Terminal, but if like us you prefer automation then this is for you. Our friends at Mac Mini Vault have created a wonderful set of scripts that automate this process. We had MySQL running on our Mac Mini Server in just a few minutes! To get your own installation going simply do the following:-

1. Open Terminal

2. Type (copy/paste) the following command:-

  • Checks for OS X and MySQL
  • Downloads the latest version of MySQL
  • Installs MySQL and prompts to install Preference Pane
  • Sets root password, displays password
  • Places copy of password in a file on the desktop
  • Copies the base my.cnf and makes some performance tweaks (mmv.cnf) - NEW
  • Prompts user if they want performance configuration - NEW
  • If so, copies mmv.cnf to /etc/my.cnf and restarts MySQL - NEW

For full details please see the following Blog post on the Mac Mini Vault Web Site.


As part of the automation process be sure to install Sequel Pro which will enable you to create and manage your local databases. To connect to the databases we used Name 'localhost', Username 'Root' and added the password that was created in the automated process above (you will find copied to a file on your Desktop). However in many instances the Username is 'root' and password is typically blank. Follow this link for details of how to Connect to a Local MySQL Server on a Mac using Sequel Pro..