*** Since this post Google G Suite has become Google Workspace, but we trust you still find this information useful ***

A common question that our G Suite clients ask us is whether you can use your own email with Google G Suite.  Professional email on your domain name with Gmail is a primary feature of G Suite, and so that is an important consideration. In short, the answer is 'yes'. Detailed below is how to set up Google G Suite and keep your existing email:-

  1. Sign up to Google G Suite (now Google Workspace) (with 14-day trial) as normal, ensuring that you grab a Google G Suite / Google Workspace Promotion Code off us for 10% Off your first year. Complete the simple 14 G Suite sign up steps through to billing and then on the confirmation page 'Set up G Suite' click on 'CONTINUE TO SETUP'.
  1. As this is your first visit to the G Suite Admin Console you are now taken to the 'G Suite Setup' and initially you can 'Add people to your G Suite account'. You can share services like Drive, Calendar and other G Suite Apps via existing emails as desired.  Tick 'I added all email addresses currently using @yourdomain.co.uk and click 'NEXT'.
  1. You will now 'Verify your domain and set up email', but in this case, we are not going to make any changes to our current email setup and just verify the domain. Perform the verification via one of the methods offered by the setup (for ease we prefer the 'meta tag' option) and then tick every step from 'I added the meta tag to my homepage' through to 'Save the MX Records'. To confirm again, you should not make any changes to your existing email setup.
  1. With all the options ticked click 'VERIFY DOMAIN AND SET UP EMAIL' and then wait until you see 'Domain verification complete. Setting up email...' wait for a few seconds and then simply close the window.
  1. You have now verified your domain and setup G Suite with your own email (not Gmail Email) and can now open up the Google Admin Console in a new window/tab. The URL for the admin console will initially be of the format: https://admin.google.com/yourdomainname.co.uk/AdminHome?firsttime OR simply https://admin.google.com/. Here you will see all the Google G Suite Apps and these are explained in more detail on our dedicated G Suite page.

NB You can still choose the professional Gmail email provided by G Suite by clicking on 'Set up email' /'SET UP GMAIL' within the Admin console. In this eventuality, we also recommend that you use the excellent G Suite 'Data migration' app to import IMAP email calendar and contacts from an existing provider to G Suite.

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