One frustration of Windows is that you cannot natively preview Adobe Photoshop PSD files in File Explorer. For those working with multiple image formats, that quickly need to preview numerous files; this is a considerable waste of time. Luckily a powerful shell extension by CherubicSoft called SageThumbs bridges this gap by adding in support for PSD files. It doesn't end there though, as in total this nifty program adds in support for 162 image formats (224 extensions) via GFL Library. All this for FREE, yes this is a Free Windows program and so for those people looking to preview PSDs in Windows is a superior option to other alternatives like the PSD Codec for Windows by Ardfry Imaging.

Full features of SageThumbs

  • Extended thumbnail image view of Explorer folder
  • Thumbnail image in explorer context menu (right-click menu)
  • Extended info tips
  • Support 162 image formats (224 extensions) via GFL Library
  • Support additional 26 image formats via XnView plugins (if installed)
  • Send by mail support
  • One-click conversion to popular image formats support
  • Wallpaper selection support
  • Copy to clipboard support


As SageThumbs is a Windows Explorer context menu extension, you don't need to run a Windows program for it to work. To use it just open any folder in Windows Explorer with image files to preview and you'll see the thumbnail(s) immediately.

Before After SageThumbs Example

Before Sagethumbs PDFs don't have previews
After Sagethumbs PDFs have previews


There are very few limitations to this software, but we did find that very large PSDs (in our case over 100MB) are not rendered as a preview. Typically that would be a very small percentage of most peoples images.


You can download SageThumbs from the SOURCEFORGE website for FREE.