This was an unanswered question on the WP e-Commerce blog and we needed to create a solution to it for a client project. Oddly WP e-commerce doesn't limit the number of characters shown in 'wpsc_the_product_description();' out of the box and the result is that when you show product descriptions they can look untidy in length and layout. Our solution is to apply a custom filter to trim/limit the words shown and then show a 'read more' link for the post/custom post.

Custom Excerpt Length

Alternatively for a custom excerpt length you can use:-

Change the Excerpt Length in your Template

You can also use the following php snippet to change the excerpt length directly in your template without adding a function to functions.php:-

The same snippet can be amended to use the 'get_the_content' function to trim the content instead.

Other Useful Excerpt Snippets

Change the excerpt Read More