The Faune font is a new encyclopaedic inspired free font family designed by Alice Savoie. The stimulus for the font is in 'expressing the complementary values and energies of the Centre National des Arts Plastiques'. We must say that the Typeface is inspirational and we are looking forward to using it in creative work.

faune font

"Faune’s reason for being is to attempt to fulfil this mission of proposing another manner of designing and combining typefaces, based on an encyclopedic visual knowledge that is transmitted by book history."

The Faune font is Free as long as you meet the designer's conditions:-

Conditions for the use of the typeface

The Faune family of typefaces can be freely downloaded and used by anyone, in a private or professional capacity, under the Creative Commons license CC BY-ND 4.0. This license authorises the free use of the typeface, provided that the name of the author is credited when using the typeface and that the user does not modify the design in any way, shape or fashion.

Download Faune Font Family

You can download the Faune font family below: -[button type="real" shape="square" size="x-large" href="" title="Download Faune Font"]Download Faune Font[/button]Full Credit to Alice Savoie: