FontAwesome is the web’s most popular icon set (used on 100,000,000 + websites) and toolkit with icons available for use in your workflow; be it on your website, favourite framework, or a photoshop document. Currently in version 'Font Awesome 5' with a Free and paid Pro version (more icons, styles, tools), it now offers an even greater arsenal to creative types.

How to add Font Awesome to WordPress

You can easily add the FontAwesome Free version to your site by enqueuing the FontAwesome Script via their CDN. Simply add the following snippet to your WordPress Theme's functions.php file:-

Enqueue Font Awesome to WordPress



Super easy, just 2 lines of code and once you have saved your functions.php file you are ready to add in Icons your leisure with the Basic usage mark-up:-

Or you can use the CSS before declaration to include icons before elements like lists, links etc