Update: You can now only the LinkedIn company feed via their API. LinkedIn have closed the ability to show company feeds without their API.
Update 2019 The Plugin "LinkedIn Company Updates" appears to be abandoned (updated December 12, 2016, tested to WP 4.7.13)

Your LinkedIn Company feed can be accessed directly via its URL:-https://www.linkedin.com/biz/586632/feed?start=0&v2=true

Take a look at your company page on LinkedIn and then replace the company ID above (586632) with your own company ID. You can get your own company ID from the LinkedIn company profile: -

How to display your LinkedIn Company Feed with WordPress Plugin

There are apparently very few ways to meaningfully display your LinkedIn feed, but if you are on WordPress then you can use the LinkedIn Company Updates Plugin (update 2019 plugin appears abandoned). You will still need to create an application in LinkedIn and authenticate with LinkedIn. The feed can be styled with CSS, so you could easily add a height, scroll, colours etc. KnowKnow of another way to display LinkedIn or any other feeds? Then let us know in the comments below!