So you've created a site and it looks great in Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and even the horrible Internet Explorer 8, but then you check it in Internet Explorer 6 & 7 and it looks terrible. Now you need to make some CSS tweaks to bring everything in line, but trying to do this universally across all old IE browsers is neon impossible. Here are some possible solutions to IE compatibility issues: -

IE Conditional Comments

One way of resolving this is to use conditional comments to link to an ie.css style sheet like so:-

Only one extra character to target IE6 / IE7 in your CSS (and an IE8 Hack)

If you don't want to serve up a complete CSS, or even a CSS snippet and want to keep everything on a single Style Sheet then you can use the following CSS attributes in IE6 & IE7 that involves adding only one extra character in your CSS.#mydiv { color: #000000; /* shows in all browsers */ *color: #999; /* notice the * before the property - shows in IE7 and below */