Mailbird is an award-winning Windows email client that could well be the single solution to 'inbox zero'; as well as keeping all your major communication and task channels open and ready for action. We've been using Mailbird for a few days now and have to say that we are really impressed with both the design and range of features. Particularly notable is the tight integration with many of our favourite apps including Facebook, WhatsApp Todoist, Slack, Google Calendar and a whole host of others. It's so refreshingly easy to access everything in one place and removing the need to constantly open and close multiple programs across many windows - with Mailbird it's all in one place - nice!

Easy Email Setup with Clean & Simple Interface

Setting up emails and Apps in Mailbird was very straightforward and in our case, email settings were automatically detected and we were good to go within a few seconds (just email and password were required). The email interface is clean and basic and if you link up with Facebook and your friend(s) email you then their photo is shown alongside their message. Emails are displayed vertically in a single unified list and the aim is to drill down all emails, across all folders, so that you can deal with them methodically. You can also view emails within folders, but that feels very much a secondary feature here and not the primary focus of this email client. Actually, Mailbird is much like the Unibox Mail Client for Mac, which is another 'people focused' email program that we regard highly, but unfortunately not available on PC and with no future plans to span the divide.

Find PC Email attachments Quickly

A killer feature of Mailbird is the 'Attachments' app that enables you to quickly run a search across all your email attachments via a full or partial filename. When you find the file that you want you can then quickly open or save it or even drag and drop it elsewhere on your PC. This is a feature sorely lacking in other email programs like Microsoft Outlook on Office 365 and is a real time-saver for any user.

Mailbird Visual Email Attachments

Loads of App Integrations

Mailbird really does stand out with its integrations with numerous Apps that you already love using on a regular basis and this really could make it the only communication App that you will ever need on your PC.  Right now Mailbird integrates beautifully with:-Manage your cloud:

Get organized:

Read your favourite blogs:

  • Lifehacker
  • TechCrunch
  • DailySocial
  • … and so many more

And get social:

Mailbird Email App with lots of Integrations

Initial Roundup on Mailbird -

Mailbird maybe the only PC email client that you will ever need!

Mailbird is good, very good, and perfect for Individuals and productive Business people to stay connected with speed & ease. Mailbird maybe the only PC email client that you will ever need! However, if you are a heavy email user, regularly dipping in and out of multiple mail folders then the unified Inbox approach may not be for you. If like us you sit between these two spectrums, and you've got plenty of screen real-estate, then you'll be running Outlook Office 365 in one window and Mailbird in another, to give you options between more focused business oriented work and general communications and social interaction.

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